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As Wrapped Up Writing's experience level and client list has continued to grow, we have come to notice a few needs within the self-publishing community that were largely going unnoticed and left unresolved. Additionally, opportunities to offer other frequently requested services opened as our list of continued education and professional development experiences grew. In an effort to help authors in these areas, we have designed a few services that do not fall under our broader service categories. These services and more detailed information about them can be found below- To receive an individualized quote, create a customized package with one of these additional services, or discuss any questions or ideas, contact us via email ( or fill out our form with information about your book. 

Stories Make an Impact. Make Sure Yours is a Positive One.


Stories Make an Impact. Make Sure Yours is a Positive One.



Ready for an Edit?  X    Ready to Revise?  

If you are in a position where you have completed your rough draft and self-edited and revised as much as you could—but you aren't ready or don't have the budget for a developmental edit—a manuscript evaluation is the perfect service for you. 

A manuscript evaluation is an in-depth, big-picture analysis of the structure, story, and mechanics of your manuscript. Taking a look at the structure includes reviewing elements like pacing, point of view, character development, and chapter & scene organization. The story aspect of the evaluation will consider if there are any continuity problems, if the voice is clear and authentic, if the plot develops naturally, and if more suspense or action is needed. This aspect of the evaluation also digs deeper into the intended genre and audience of the story to ensure the manuscript follows accepted conventions, doesn't overuse tropes, is appropriately inclusive, and connects with its readers. When reviewing the mechanics of the manuscript, we will not do a copy edit or markup of individual grammatical mistakes. However, we will note recurring issues of grammar, punctuation, and word usage. This will also identify any major areas where an author should be showing instead of telling. 

Of course, a manuscript evaluation also notes an author's strengths and the things they have done particularly well.

The manuscript evaluation will come in the form of a Microsoft Word document that has been organized into broader categories. Comments and feedback will include page numbers when referring to specific passages, rules from the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (if applicable), and suggested reading (in the form of both articles and books) which could help the author improve the weak points of their writing. Our manuscript evaluations are typically between ten and fifteen pages, but this can vary depending on the word count of the manuscript, the condition of the manuscript, and other factors. 



Getting Your Great Ideas in Shape for Your Best Writing.

An outline critique is much like a manuscript evaluation, except that instead of evaluating your completed manuscript, we will evaluate your outline before you start writing your story. 

This service is especially helpful for writers who have great ideas but aren't sure where to start or are not confident in one or more elements of their idea. Writers who are currently writing their story but finding themselves getting stuck or having difficulties staying on track can also benefit from this service. 

In an outline critique, we will read over your outline (up to 5,000 words), which can include plot notes, character descriptions, worldbuilding details, and other relevant story details. 

Among other things, we will take a close look at:

  • the strength and flow of the plot

  • the chapter and scene organization, including pacing

  • the character descriptions and conflicts

  • the authenticity and believability of characters and story details

  • the level of depth in the worldbuilding details

  • the themes and overarching messages

In doing so, we hope to consequently help you identify:

  • possible plot holes

  • overused tropes and repetitive concepts

  • timing or pacing problems, especially with key plot points

  • story elements that may complicate fitting into a desired genre

  • background information that needs further research

  • issues with fair representation, inclusion, and diversity

We will write an editorial letter (generally three to five pages) critiquing your outline with all these things in mind through comments on specific notes, feedback on general ideas, questions to help you dig deeper into your story, suggestions of resources that can help you improve your writing, and encouragement to put your outline on the wall by your desk and get writing!




Your Story. Your Details. All in One Place.

A book map gives you all the tools you need to keep your stories and writing adventures organized and to remember all their big and seemingly small details. 


Having a book map is extremely beneficial for every author for two important reasons. First, a book map helps you quickly find those pesky details, which tend to slip your mind while writing, but could create plot inconsistencies in a series or awkward parallels between standalones. A book map offers you all the essential information about characters and plots of your previously written books. Second, a book map can be a game changer to your marketing strategy. Some of the character, setting, and plot details can be used to connect with readers on a personal level, deepen conversation about a book, inspire many social media posts, and more. 

When you order a book map, you receive a PDF with an elegant but simple design that matches your brand. This document includes:

  • the title, cover, and blurb of the book

  • a chapter-by-chapter overview that summarizes the main plot points of the story

  • an abbreviated list of plot notes (including significant moments and unique details)

  • a chronological list of both time and place settings (including any specific details or descriptions

  • an alphabetical list of every character who appears in your book (including every name they go by, their physical description, and unique personality traits that are mentioned in the story)

If you would like to receive a book map for an entire series, we will create one PDF for the entire series with the books in order. A series map includes:

  • the titles, covers, and blurbs of all books in the series

  • a section dedicated to each book (a section includes the chapter-by-chapter overview, plot notes, settings, and characters as described above)

  • a master character list with every character ever mentioned in the series and which books they appear in

Contact us today to get on our book mapping schedule!

Excerpt Pulling
Post-It Notes under Thumbtack

Many authors struggle to pull excerpts from their writing to use on social media, blogs, and websites as teasers and featured excerpts. Does this sound good? Does this make enough sense without context? Am I giving too much away? These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself as you pull your hair out in frustration while trying to create a list of excerpts from your new release. 

Sit back, relax, and let us help you! We will read through any books that have already been released or will soon be released to find the most enjoyable and enticing excerpts to entice and excite your readers. For an extra fee, we will even create custom graphics with your excerpts for social media use. 

Don't keep your readers waiting. Get your excerpts pulled by an expert!


Stories Make an Impact. Make Sure Yours is a Positive One.

Writers create stories about everything—from the real to the outrageous. Sometimes, writers can closely identify with their characters and write about these characters and their physical descriptions, personality traits, and behaviors in a captivating and impactful way. However, writers often form characters with whom they do not share any common features or traits. While these writers can certainly be successful in the delivery of such stories, this situation can often inadvertently bring the author's own biases or lack of knowledge into the forefront of a story, making it an uncomfortable—and sometimes offensive—reading experience. In order to help authors monitor their work for these unintentional disregard for conscious language, the concept of sensitivity reading was created.

Sensitivity readers are individuals who identify a certain way or have been through specific experiences and understand enough about that subject to make accurate generalizations and identify harmful stereotypes. It is most ideal when a sensitivity reader relates to your character/theme in question and has publishing knowledge (an editor, a fellow author, an avid and engaged reader, etc.). 

The Wrapped Up Writing team believes that everyone should feel included and appropriately represented when enjoying a book, and it is important to all of us that the indie community remain kind and caring to the world as a whole. Our editing and writing knowledge combined with our shared experiences enable us to provide high-quality and detailed sensitivity readings. 

We offer this service for the following topics:

  • Disabilities

  • Chronic & Mental Illnesses

  • Cancer

  • Dual Nationalities / Bilingual

  • German (Heritage, People, Culture, etc.)

  • Military / Army (Service Members, Spouses, & Children)

  • Homeschooling

  • Bullying

  • Pregnancy

  • Dentistry

  • Southern US Life & Culture

  • Animal Welfare & Advocacy

Please note: Do not hesitate to ask us what qualifies us to be sensitivity readers on the topics listed above. You want to make sure that you are hiring sensitivity readers who really are "real-life experts" with enough knowledge about the topic to make logical decisions and meaningful suggestions. We are more than happy to discuss our experiences with you to ensure we are a good fit. 

Remember, there is absolutely no shame in hiring a sensitivity reader. Using this service does not mean you are admitting to being ignorant or out of your depth. For example, let's say you want to write a story with a main character who has cancer. That's great! We need more books out there with storylines that show the good, the bad, and the ugly. But if you've never had cancer (which we hope is the case), then you probably don't entirely understand the feelings, thoughts, and struggles that go along with it. In this case, it would be extremely beneficial for you and the quality of your story if you hire a sensitivity reader who specializes in cancer topics so that you can get a "real-life expert" to weigh in on how you represent such an individual. 

Are you ready to get to work on your conscious language? Reach out to schedule a sensitivity reading!

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