The Wrapped Up Writing team is passionate about one thing above all else, and that is helping others. For this reason, we offer writers of all experience levels the opportunity to work with us as their writing and publishing coach. For us, a writing and publishing coach is more than a coach—they are a mentor, a guide, who works one-on-one with you to address your specific needs and questions about the writing and publishing world. 

While coaching does not include hands-on services like editing or ghostwriting, it encourages writers to take control of their creative careers and tackle any challenges that stand in their way. This service is especially useful for new writers who are unfamiliar with the writing and publishing processes, but authors at every level have found coaching to be tremendously helpful. 

As your coach, we provide you with:

  • someone to brainstorm with

  • creativity in the form of inspiration and ideas

  • guidance as you navigate every step of the writing and publishing processes

  • foundational information on the writing and publishing processes

  • accountability to meet your deadlines, reach your goals, and achieve your dreams

  • help to organize your projects and ideas

  • realistic planning, goal-setting, and time management strategies

  • resources and advice to assist you in further developing your writing skills, improving your weak points, and determining your voice/tone, audience, and genre

  • constructive feedback with a positive and encouraging approach

  • support in your marketing, branding, social media strategy, promotional plan, on- and offline author presence

  • recommendations for professional development and continued education, networking opportunities, and other industry professionals to work with

  • encouragement to strengthen and showcase your creative gift


Writers gain access to all of this and more through regular one-on-one video and phone conferences, as well as frequent email communication. At the beginning of our working relationship, we will have a conference to get to know each other and your project in greater detail and clarify your goals, your challenges, and a schedule that works for both of us. After our first meeting, we can meet as often as you would like. As this service is charged hourly, we are available for a one-time, one hour coaching session or even an ongoing contract of one hundred hours of coaching sessions.

Commit to your success, tackle the roadblocks standing in your way, and learn new ways to take your writing and your career to the next level. Contact Wrapped Up Writing today to schedule your first individualized session with your own writing and publishing coach and gain insider access to our unique personalities, successful experiences, and knowledgeable expertise. We believe in your potential and can’t wait to see you make progress and gain confidence in your work. Discover (or rediscover!) the joy of writing and creativity of your mind! Contact us via email at tamaralbeard@gmail.com or fill out our form.




If you would like more hands-on feedback on your writing, booking our second-tier writing and publishing coach service would be a great choice. With this service, you gain additional access to individualized writing evaluations of your work.

In addition to all the provided features listed above, we will also provide:

  • input on any book concepts or ideas

  • specific feedback in the form of comments on passages of your writing

  • suggestions of how to improve aspects of your writing

  • recommendations of resources that address the specific areas of improvement identified in your writing

  • writing prompts to help you work on your current project and rejuvenate your creativity

During our one-on-one sessions, you will also be able to ask specific questions about your writing and writing process. Between these sessions, email exchanges will be used to send writing samples and feedback.


The third tier of the writing and publishing coach service includes ongoing editing. This service option is ideal for writers who are unhappy with their work or are continuously confused by certain aspects of writing or self-editing.

In addition to all the features provided in the first and second tier of this service, we will also provide:

  • short editorial emails highlighting specific recurring problems in the writing you share

  • developmental edits of any writing you share in the form of comments in a Word document

  • specific changes to errors and areas of improvement in any writing you share in the form of tracked changes in a Word document

  • explanations of the different levels of editing and which ones you would benefit from the most

When we have one-on-one sessions through phone or video conferences, we will be able to discuss your struggles and specific questions about editing. All editing feedback will be sent via email so that clients can refer back to comments, suggestions, and resources as often as they wish.

If you are ready to hire your coach and push yourself one step closer to more success, contact us via email at tamaralbeard@gmail.com or fill out our form by clicking here
If you are looking for coaching services that do not totally fit the description above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we could still be a great fit.
Please note: All coaching services are billed hourly, with each tier incurring a discounted additional cost. 

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