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Editing and proofreading are essential steps in the writing and publishing process. As the creator of your story, you have spent months and sometimes even years working on your manuscript. For this reason and others, it is often hard for writers to see errors, inconsistencies, confusing language, and other problematic points that may arise in their work. This is where we come in. As part of your team, we will work closely with you to identify potential areas for growth, find alternatives to mistakes, and create an impactful and polished piece of writing that lets your unique voice and story shine. 

Below, you will find more detailed information on our editing and proofreading services. These services are listed in the order in which they should be used. During every editing or proofreading project, we will create a communication strategy with each author to make sure they are receiving the ideal amount of updates. We can give short regular updates of our progress or only communicate during the process when we have questions or concerns (or any frequency in between!). What we guarantee no matter the desired amount of updates is that we will respond to all of your inquiries within two business days during the duration of your project. 

When we work on a manuscript, we understand how nerve-racking it can be to give another person your writing and wait for their feedback, and we also realize how painful and discouraging it can be to receive your manuscript covered in red. It is extremely important to us that all of our clients know that this is a collaborative editing experience, so our suggestions come from a place of mutual respect and a desire to see their writing and unique voice grow toward their full potential. While our comments are often tough and continually push authors to their writing limits, we are also always standing in the front row to cheer them on. We believe in encouraging authors and showing them how their work stands out, but we also want writers to grow with each manuscript and learn through our work together. All edits, revisions, and suggestions are made using Microsoft Word's Track Changes and Commenting features so that authors can see what was changed and why. We also use the comment bubbles to share our reader reactions and positive feedback with the author. All clients have the opportunity to schedule a call or write an email to discuss any ideas, questions, or concerns they may have after reviewing the completed project. 


To receive a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us with some information about you and your manuscript. We also provide free sample edits of 750 words or less to demonstrate our skills and help you determine if we would make a good addition to your support team. Our average turnaround times are listed below each service description. Our editing and proofreading schedule is usually booked six to nine months out; however, earlier slots may be possible because of a reschedule/change of circumstance or with a rush fee. Contact us today to learn more about our sample edits, editing process, rates, and no-interest payment plans

Our blurb editing service includes all three levels of revision (developmental editing, line and copy editing, and proofreading), with opportunities for you to rewrite, give feedback, and ask questions after each round. 

The Wrapped Up Writing team is very passionate about providing the best quality possible. For this reason, we focus on manuscripts that are best suited to our skills. We choose our projects not based on genre but based on how the content meshes with our reading desires, past project experience, and thematic knowledge. If you'd like to see some of the projects we've worked on in the past, please see our portfolio. To get to know us and our qualifications, read our short bios on the about page.


For fiction, our ideal manuscript is written in American or Global English and includes a strong female protagonist, a unique element or twist, a contemporary setting, little to no paranormal elements, an engaging plot, significant character development and/or overarching message, and no major explicit content. Possible genres include romance, contemporary fiction, young adult and coming-of-age fiction, women's fiction and chick lit, Christian fiction, literary fiction, and some fairytales and cozy mysteries. If you believe Wrapped Up Writing would make an essential addition to your support team but your manuscript does not align with these themes, please do not hesitate to reach out for a consultation to discuss the possibilities.

For non-fiction, we look for manuscripts written in American or Global English with vivid descriptions and detailed imagery, a strong overarching message, a confident and casual tone, and a research- or experience-driven plot. These types of manuscripts could potentially fall under the following genres: motivational (including self-help and memoir), subject-focused (such as cookbooks, travel guides, & craft books), Christian writing, and academic writing (particularly theses & dissertations in the humanities).

While we recommend purchasing multiple services in a customized package with multiple rounds at a discounted rate, individual services with one round of revisions can be purchased as well. It is very important to us that we provide every potential client with the most accurate quote possible, so we do not list rates on our website. Unless a payment plan or other agreement has been created, our standard payment policy requires a 25% non-refundable deposit upon scheduling and the remaining 75% to be paid within five business days of the client receiving the edited manuscript. 

Contact us today via email (tamaralbeard@gmail.com) or by filling out our form to start a conversation and determine if we would make a great addition to your team, if your manuscript aligns with our mission, and if our services and timeline meet your needs.



Developmental Editing

Story Flow

  • Establishes a revision strategy tailored to the author’s voice and goals

  • Identifies major areas for growth and provides explanations & resources to help strengthen those weak points

  • Discusses opening hook to ensure it draws readers in, delivers the right message, and creates a powerful introduction

  • Strengthens plot, character development, setting & scene structure, imagery, tension, pacing, story logic and more in fiction

  • Strengthens storyline & overall organization, order of account/argument, imagery, believability, use of references, and more in non-fiction

  • Notes any continuity errors or plot holes

  • Challenges the author to show instead of tell, organize ideas, deepen details, and further develop story elements

  • Assists in the overall creation of a cohesive, understandable, and enjoyable manuscript

  • Provides an editorial letter containing general feedback, frequently recommended resources, and questions that aim to deepen story elements as a whole

Average Turnaround: Eight Weeks

Speech bubbes

Copy & Line


Word Usage & Flow

  • Corrects spelling, grammar, syntax, capitalization, and word usage (including repetitive words/phrases)

  • Adjusts punctuation usage for consistency, clarity, and proper formatting

  • Ensures the manuscript follows the guidelines set forth by the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  • Checks facts, information, citations, and references (if applicable)

  • Considers genre-specific conventions and styles

  • Creates a style sheet to clearly organize any rules or decisions that fit the manuscript and go beyond or directly against the standards of the aforementioned reference books. 

  • Improves sentence variety, paragraph length, and word choice

  • Strengthens dialogue and accompanying dialogue tags and action beats

  • Identifies weak sentences, such as those that become run-ons, create redundancies, or ignore parallel construction

  • Enhances readability by improving flow, highlighting awkward pacing, and strengthening chapter endings and transitions

  • Tightens overall passages for clarity and effect

Average Turnaround: Six Weeks



One Last Look

  • Polishes any remaining spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, and word usage errors that slipped through the editing process

  • Monitors for issues with homonyms, double or missing words, and major content inconsistencies

  • Identifies erratic formatting in chapter headings, paragraph breaks, and other commonly problematic areas

Average Turnaround: Four Weeks

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