Wrapped Up Writing believes your privacy is very important. We collect data for only three reasons, and those are to analyze visitor data (analytics), to contact you, and to offer you the best experience possible. Our website collects data from you (like your IP address, the date & time you visited our site, which pages you visited, and if a third party directed you to our site) automatically and anonymizes it to provide us with statistics about our visitors and help us improve our site. We ask for information such as your name, email, address, and information about your book to help us serve you. Your information is never sold or shared with anyone outside of the Wrapped Up Writing team. That being said, we use third-party services like PayPal, TransferWise, HelloSign, and AirTable to make our business processes more efficient. Providing us with your email will not automatically sign you up for our newsletter; however, providing your physical mailing address outside of our written agreement means that you consent to receiving occasional letters from us—this is usually limited to cards for birthdays or book anniversaries. 



In order to keep conversations between us as helpful and efficient as possible for both parties, Wrapped Up Writing's preferred method of communication is email. We ask that you give us two full business days to respond to your message while keeping in mind that longer emails will take longer for us to reply to, as we strive to answer every question and concern brought to our attention. While working on a project, we expect clients to provide us with the same courtesy of a response time of two business days to ensure our questions are answered in a timely manner and deadlines can still be met. Phone and video calls are available upon request before a project begins to get more information about Wrapped Up Writing, our team, and our processes and after a project to clarify any remaining questions, provide additional resources, and finalize any remaining aspects of the project. Please consider emailing us any major topics or questions in advance so that we can be as prepared to help you as possible. Phone and video calls are available via WhatsApp, Skype, and Zoom. The most important part of our communication policy is that communication is key. We completely understand that life happens, and sometimes, there isn't much we can do in these situations. If you need to cancel, reschedule, create a payment plan, ask for extra help, or need some other kind of unexpected support, please email us as soon as possible and we will do our best to meet your needs.



If you need to cancel or reschedule your project for any reason, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. A notice of cancellation for ongoing contracts must be provided at least a full month before the requested cancellation date. All cancellation notices must be sent via email to tamaralbeard@gmail.com or physical mail to the address stated on the contract. All deposits are non-refundable, and any work done up to the point of cancellation must be compensated. In rare cases, this may be waived—however, you will need to give us details about your reasoning to cancel in order for this to be considered. If projects are rescheduled instead of cancelled, all work completed up to the point of rescheduling must be compensated. Depending on the rescheduled dates and services, the original deposit may be transferrable to the rescheduled project date.

If we have a phone or video call scheduled that must be cancelled or rescheduled, we request a 24-hour notice whenever possible. If you are more than ten minutes late to our scheduled call, we will have to cancel the call and reschedule for a later date. 

In the unlikely event that Wrapped Up Writing has to cancel a project, we will do our best to give you enough notice and reschedule as soon as possible. If rescheduling is not possible and the project has not yet started, you will be refunded your deposit. If work on the project has already begun, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine the best resolution for both parties.



The Wrapped Up Writing team strives to deliver the best possible quality in every project we work on. However, we do not claim to be perfect; therefore, we do not guarantee error-free work. The editing industry generally finds a 5% error rate to be reasonable and acceptable for a professional editor. While we certainly hope the errors we miss stay well below that standard, errors in editing and writing are bound to happen due to the art of the craft and the nature of the process.

The following scenario has often happened throughout time and all over the world: an author writes a book, sends it to at least two professional editors for different levels of the service, lets a proofreader take a final professional look at it, puts it in the hands of trusted beta readers somewhere along the way, delivers it to ARC readers—countless areas of improvement are found at every stage—and yet, a few errors still managed to slip through. Frustrating? Absolutely. A testament to the skills of the professionals who worked on the book? Usually not. Imperfection is a very human trait, and part of the beauty of literature is that it is written by, well, humans. 

When you send your manuscript to us for an edit or proofread, we will put in the same amount of work and effort as if it were our own creation. We will work with you to make your manuscript a polished piece of writing that stands out and shows your unique tone and story to the world. And if an error or two are found after we're done, we will do what we can to make it right. 



When you become a client of Wrapped Up Writing, you gain access to the carefully created and selected resources that we share with you. We have information on many different topics—from self-editing tips to cover designer recommendations to self-publishing ideas. As part of your team, we want to see you succeed at every step of the way, and if we can provide information or resources to help you achieve that success, we are more than happy to do so. 

If we share a public link or document with you, we encourage you to share these with other authors who could benefit from the information. However, all Wrapped Up Writing resources that are not available online are intended for client-use only and we ask you not to share these with anyone else. If you think a friend would benefit from one of our resources, we recommend that you encourage them to contact us for more information.

Please note: While we can certainly provide you with technological information on how to use the Track Changes feature in Word or other key skills required for our services to be successful, we cannot teach you the basic foundations of computers, Microsoft programs, social media platforms, or the like. That being said, we are happy to point you in the right direction (like your local library, for example!) and welcome you to reach out to us again once you know the basics.


Quotes & Fees POLICY

When a potential client contacts us about one or more of our services, we want to be as transparent as possible about our fees. When we send a quote for a service or package, we hold ourselves to that price and the conditions (such as assumed word count) that we clearly state with it. We do not have any hidden fees or fines. The total project fee, conditions, and potential late fees are all laid out in detail in every project agreement.

With that being said, there are a few scenarios in which a quote may no longer be valid and a new one would have to be requested. These situations are as follows:

  • We send you a quote and it takes you longer than ninety days to commit to the project.

  • We sign a project agreement together but the start date of the project is pushed back further than ninety days because of client delays.

  • It takes a client longer than ninety days to revise between rounds of editing and/or proofreading. 

  • Our rates change within the timeframe of an ongoing project agreement (This comes along with the promise that we will not change your fee within the first six months of an ongoing agreement).


We will work with each client who finds themselves in such a scenario to make any price changes as reasonable as possible. Fees are never changed as a penalty or punishment for the client; rather, these changes can occur because of a differing project quality, an extended project scope, a rushed deadline, or changes to our rate sheet. If you would like to stay up-to-date with any business-wide fee increases (or sales!), please sign up for our newsletter. 



The scope of each project is outlined in detail in the contract that must be signed by both Wrapped Up Writing and the client before any work begins. It is important that you read and understand this information before the project begins so that you are not disappointed or overwhelmed later in the process. If you would like your project to include more tasks than what is outlined in our standard contract, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs. 

Clients have one month after delivery to review the completed project and discuss any questions or ideas that they may have. During this time, a phone or video call can also be scheduled. However, in order to ensure that every client receives the attention and quality they deserve, we cannot guarantee that we can continue discussing your project after the monthlong window. If you would like a second round of services, you can contact us to create a new contract. 



Your book has gone through all the necessary pre-publishing steps and your release day has arrived. Congratulations! We are celebrating with you! If you would like to send us a link to your book (or website or social media page or whatever it is we worked on with you), please don't hesitate to do so. However, we reserve the right to decide which links we promote and which ones we do not. If your project is not shared on our social media platform, it is not because we don't support you—there could be any number of reasons why this happens. That is to say, will we share your project if you ask us to? Probably. Are we required to? No. 

We may use your name, used services, book cover, book title, or testimonial on our website, marketing materials, or social media platforms. If you would like us not to share any of the aforementioned information, please submit your request to us via email. 

If we share any of your links on our website or social media, we are not responsible for the comments, reviews, or other interactions of people who followed our links. 

For content writing clients: We are not responsible for any comments, reviews, or other interactions of people who read the work we did for you. 



We wish you all the success in the world, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it. The purchase of any Wrapped Up Writing services does not guarantee sales, leads, website visitors, social media likes, book deals, or any other offers. 

Any opinions or suggestions given by a member of the Wrapped Up Writing team may be based on their personal experience or observations. While we strive to base all our consultations on facts and research, we still cannot guarantee that trends will remain trendy, platforms will work for you, strategies will be successful with your particular project, or advice will always be applicable to your situation. 

However, we truly do want to see you succeed! So, if there is anything you believe we can do to help you reach your goal, please contact us and we will see what we can do!